Listen to Your Intuition 

A few months ago, I joined a website where mediums can book practice sessions with each other. Initially, you had to schedule any practice session you did through the site. Last week, they announced a new feature of on demand practice. If a medium has a cancellation or has time unexpectedly, you can now use the on demand option to be connected with another medium for practice immediately, without the 24-hour notice that scheduled practice sessions have.

I thought this was really great, and decided I would try it one day when I had the extra time. It was easy enough to figure out, and I could see that there was one medium available for practice, but I could not bring myself to hit the button for going on demand. I just couldn’t do it! I sat there for several minutes trying to get the courage to hit the button to confirm the practice session and I finally gave up. Something inside of me was saying, “Don’t do it!”

I decided to schedule a practice session for the next day, with a person who was available at the time I specified. I felt much better.

The next day, I prepared for my practice session like I always do, with a short meditation and setting an intention.

I’ve had many practice sessions on this site. Each person takes a turn being the reader and the sitter, and you give each other feedback. I have had many loved ones show up while I was the sitter, the person receiving the reading. My grandparents are omnipresent. I have also had appearances from an uncle and an aunt on my Dad’s side, along with two deceased cousins on my mom’s side. It has been a rewarding experience knowing they are helping me in spirit and I enjoy the stories they tell the reader, which are always different.

So I set an intention before this practice session to hear from an old friend of mine who died a couple of years ago. We had lost touch in our twenties, getting caught up in our own lives, and only kept in touch through social media. She had died during the pandemic so there was no real goodbye. I had had a dream about her two night’s before, so I thought, “You know what? It would be really nice to hear from her!” I set an intention.

I logon to my practice session and the other medium was a no show. Haha, laughable right?

I took this opportunity to go on demand and try my luck that day, it felt easier this time. One person was available so I booked it, with only 10 minutes notice. I went first, reading her, and connecting her with her grandmother, a woman she affectionately called Magra. Magra was a guide to her and provided me with some very specific proof it was her, which my sitter thoroughly enjoyed. 

Next, I was the sitter. Not surprisingly, two of my grandparents showed up first, and then my friend who I wanted to hear from appeared! She described her so well, and I knew it was her. She wasn’t suffering anymore, and even had some messages for her family, which is the most rewarding part about doing this work. I only got choked up one time. It was a truly beautiful and unique experience to be reunited with her again, even if only for a little while.

I told the woman who read me in that practice session that I had a scheduled practice session at that time and it turned out to be a no show. She told me she had made herself available that morning to host for any on demand sessions, but got no takers. She felt called to do it again that afternoon when she was connected to me. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to do it again that day because she had no practice sessions that morning. 

This is just an example of two people who listened to their intuition and were able to deliver a connection to a person who needed it. And for that I am thankful.

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