Things I’ve Learned From Intuitive Readings

I’ve had my fair share of readings as the sitter and as the reader. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from both sides of the communication:

  1. Be open.
    If you keep an open mind about the reading, you might just be surprised about what you receive. If your energy is closed off, this can affect reading. Be open to the possibilities.
  2. Messages from Spirit aren’t always for you.
    Someone may appear with a very important message for someone else. This happens! 
  3. Take notes.
    Before the reading, think about what you would like to get out of it. Write things down beforehand and take notes during your session. This helps especially if something doesn’t resonate right away.
  4. Let it ruminate.
    If something doesn’t resonate at first, take some time to think about it. You may understand later after you have time to discuss it with a trusted friend or family member. If it still doesn’t resonate after thinking about it, release it!
  5. Sometimes our crossed over loved ones are unavailable.
    I wish I could tell you why this is, but if you don’t hear from someone, don’t take it personally. Spirit has a way of telling you what you need to hear.

If you should have any questions for me about the above or anything else, please reach out!

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