Eek! I Got the Death Card!

Getting the Death card during a tarot card reading does not mean you are going to die! Sure, the imagery on the card itself can make one uncomfortable. A skeleton wearing black armor rides a white horse into a village where a person lays on the ground appearing to be dead. A woman, child and holy man beg for their lives to be spared. A boat appears in the background floating downriver as if Charon is ferrying souls to their final resting place on the River Styx. The sun setting between two towers is another symbol of endings. 

The Death card can be an indicator of transformation, endings and transition in your life. With endings come new beginnings. With death comes rebirth. Releasing something that no longer serves you helps you embrace the new. I received the Death card when I was transitioning from a regular job into starting my own business. 

The Death card is a very POWERFUL card. Embrace it! The death of something means opening yourself up to new beginnings. Don’t be afraid of the cards. They can affirm something you already know or bring to light something you are ignoring.

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