Channeled Message — Guidance Among Peers

A channeled message is delivered through automatic writing. I take a moment to connect with Spirit, and ask if there is a message for the collective. Then just start writing! The messages are always beautiful and uplifting. They often do not sound like my voice. Here it is:

Have faith in those who struggle. They have their own lessons to learn. Help them in ways where they flourish, but do not be their “crutch.” This does not help them. It only enables them to continue on their path instead of making a new one.

The true path is one that is forged from one’s own strength. A true path is never easy, but the lessons learned are enough to last a lifetime.

This is the message from Spirit. Guide each other along your paths. Feel the path before you and sense when paths will converge. This is the way of true guidance.

If this is a description of how we should guide each other, it makes me wonder if this is how my guides interact with me. 

Who needed to hear this? Have you ever “felt” your path? Leave a reply below and tell me about it!

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