The Throat Chakra and Your Inner Voice

You may have heard the throat chakra referred to when it is blocked. Reasons for a blocked throat chakra are due to not expressing yourself or not saying things that should be said.

But does this also apply to not listening your inner voice?

I often receive messages for people during meditation. I did a meditation before a hair appointment this week, and received some advice for my hair stylist from her guides. During the meditation, I was shown a space in her house that causes her to feel overwhelmed. This feeling was so intense that I felt a sense of dread and avoidance of the space. Her guides wanted her to know that they were with her and trying to communicate with her using her inner voice…do I need this? … can I get rid of this?… to help declutter the space.

Decluttering is important for your well-being. I am reminded of the oracle card Purification. The message from this card is as follows:

“It’s difficult for new, vibrant energy to enter your life if it’s clogged with old and outdated energy. Cleanse and purify your body and your physical space. This is a great time for a detox, clutter clearing, cleansing, and space clearing. Release outdated energy to invite fresh, clear energy into your life. Eat lightly. Don’t take things personally. Release resentment, guilt, and blame. Purify yourself — thought, word, and deed. De-cluttering is modern day alchemy. If you don’t love it or use it, let it go.”

Her guides also directed me to her shoulder and shoulder pain, caused by an energetic block. The shoulders are associated with the throat chakra, and by not dealing with the space in her house and avoiding it, she was causing an energetic block in her body!

I shared all this information with her, and she did, in fact, have a space in her house that was her art room, a space for scrapbooking and other artistic endeavors. She avoids it because there’s so much in the room that needs to be gone through. She also has shoulder pain that she thought was associated with her occupation as a hair stylist. This could very well be the case, but it could also be exacerbated by an energetic block in the throat chakra. 

I also want to point out that artistic activities connect you with universal energy and your guides. Consider it moving meditation! So by clearing her space and using it for what it’s intended, it connects her with her guides and Spirit.

So I asked myself, can a blocked throat chakra also be caused by ignoring your inner voice? I think so!

If you feel like your throat chakra could use some love, try listening to this singing bowl meditation on Insight Timer:

I recommend listening in a comfortable seated position, or while laying down. While the sounds fill your ears, repeat to yourself, in your head or out loud the following statement: “I speak my truth.” Always imagine energy moving through your body. See white light entering through the top of your head, passing through the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. Visualize the energy from your root chakra exiting the body from your feet and into the ground. This beautiful flow of energy will keep you energetically balanced.

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