Look Both Ways — A Movie with a Great Message

Have you seen the movie Look Both Ways on Netflix?

I won’t give everything away, but in the movie, we are shown what happens if the main character takes two different paths. We are shown the timelines of each choice simultaneously.

What I took away from the movie

In life, there’s always challenges. We are only shown two possible choices by the protagonist in the movie, but in both timelines, there’s challenges to overcome. Neither is better or worse from the other.

This message is reflected in tarot cards. Often, you will see a mountainous landscape in the backgrounds of various cards in the tarot. The symbolism of the mountains and changing landscape is that there will always be challenges to overcome, like in the Page of Pentacles card pictured here. You need to work through them and sometimes pivot! Which is another message from Spirit, that all obstacles lead us in the right direction.

Keep that in mind the next time you feel overwhelmed or feel like you should’ve taken a different path. It’s a way of keeping you in the present moment.

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