What is Tarot-a-Day?

Tarot-a-Day 3 or 7-day reports give you guidance for the day. It answers the question: what do I need to know about today? I set an intention on the cards with you in mind. I ask what you need to know for the day, while shuffling the cards, then choose a card from the deck. I interpret the card, put it back in the deck and choose another card in the same way for the next day. You get a customized report in PDF format of your results, including a photo of the card for the day and a short interpretation. Click here to see an example of the Tarot-a-Day report.

My hope for these reports is to offer you insight, a way to reflect on each day, and a chance to be more present.

  • 3-Day Tarot-a-Day reports are $30
  • 7-Day Tarot-a-Day reports are $70

Bonus! You can add on an oracle card for some general guidance for just $2 more!

Reports can be purchased through the Brooke the Intuitive Etsy shop.

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