Quieting the Busy Mind

I received a message from Spirit yesterday to spend time outside. I was filling my time with things, “busy work” so to speak. When you fill your time with things, there’s no room for your intuition to speak.

So I went outside and sat on my deck in the sun. I sat there for a little while soaking up the sun. I then decided to wash off the deck table with a brush, biodegradable soap and the hose. Now this might seem like “busy work”, a way to fill my time, but it wasn’t. Using a scrub brush on a table isn’t something I need to necessarily pay attention to. My mind wandered and in doing so, I discovered something I really want for my life. It came to me in a random thought. This is what I consider moving meditation. Try it the next time you need to connect with your intuition, your higher self, and your guides.

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