Full List of Services

60-Minute Intuitive Reading

Live through Zoom • $80

Connection with your guides and loved ones in spirit to offer insight, advice and affirmations to lead a balanced life. This reading is great for those that wish to take a “deep dive” into a reading with me. If time allows, you can ask questions about anything that was not covered that you wish to discuss.

30-Minute Meditative State Intuitive Reading

Live through Zoom • $40

Dip your toes in the water with this reading! A meditation is done before meeting with you. Any information received from the meditation is shared in a short, 30-minute Zoom call to review and discuss. You can include one or two questions you would like to focus on with your booking, but it’s not a requirement. This reading is great if you have something specific you want to focus on, or if you want to see what comes up that needs your attention. 

Tarot Card Readings — All tarot card readings are offered through the Brooke the Intuitive Etsy Shop.

Tarot-a-Day: 3 or 7 Day Custom Report

PDF emailed to you • $30 0r $70
Guidance for 3 or 7 days! I set an intention on the cards with you in mind. I ask what you need to know for the day, while shuffling the cards, then choose the card from the the deck. I interpret the card, put it back in the deck and choose another card in the same way for the next day. You get a customized report in PDF format of your results including a photo of the card for the day and a short interpretation.

For added overall guidance, you may wish to add on an oracle card f to be included in your report for $2 extra.

Past-Present-Future Tarot Card Spread

Photo/interpretation sent via message on Etsy • $8
The Past-Present-Future reading is a 3-card spread representing an issue from your past that still affects you, your present, and your future. This spread reveals how a situation from the past is still effecting you, what is going on with you right now, and the outcome of the situation.

Issue/Solution Tarot Card Spread

Photo/interpretation sent via message on Etsy • $7
Two cards are drawn from the deck. One card represents the issue (bottom) and one card represents the solution (top).

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