Musings and Thoughts from Brooke

  • Listen to Your Intuition 

    Listen to Your Intuition 

    A few months ago, I joined a website where mediums can book practice sessions with each other. Initially, you had to schedule any practice session you did through the site. Last week, they announced a new feature of on demand practice. If a medium has a cancellation or has time unexpectedly, you can now use […]

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  • Look Both Ways — A Movie with a Great Message

    Look Both Ways — A Movie with a Great Message

    Have you seen the movie Look Both Ways on Netflix? I won’t give everything away, but in the movie, we are shown what happens if the main character takes two different paths. We are shown the timelines of each choice simultaneously. What I took away from the movie In life, there’s always challenges. We are […]

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  • What is a Cledon?

    What is a Cledon?

    Have you ever had a situation where you were thinking about something and the Universe delivered a message about that “something” out of nowhere? That’s a Cledon! I’ll give you an example.  Last summer, I took a trip to Port Austin, MI and Turnip Rock, a rock formation resembling a turnip in Lake Huron. Port […]

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  • The Throat Chakra and Your Inner Voice

    The Throat Chakra and Your Inner Voice

    You may have heard the throat chakra referred to when it is blocked. Reasons for a blocked throat chakra are due to not expressing yourself or not saying things that should be said. But does this also apply to not listening your inner voice? I often receive messages for people during meditation. I did a […]

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  • You Have a Very Large Etheric Field!

    You Have a Very Large Etheric Field!

    I never thought I’d say those words. Recently, I had a reading with a client whose mother passed away. The mother provided me with a ton of information to share with her daughter in meditation before the reading, and during the reading itself. In fact, she gave so much info during the meditation, that I […]

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  • Channeled Message — Guidance Among Peers

    Channeled Message — Guidance Among Peers

    A channeled message is delivered through automatic writing. I take a moment to connect with Spirit, and ask if there is a message for the collective. Then just start writing! The messages are always beautiful and uplifting. They often do not sound like my voice. Here it is: Have faith in those who struggle. They […]

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  • Eek! I Got the Death Card!

    Eek! I Got the Death Card!

    Getting the Death card during a tarot card reading does not mean you are going to die! Sure, the imagery on the card itself can make one uncomfortable. A skeleton wearing black armor rides a white horse into a village where a person lays on the ground appearing to be dead. A woman, child and […]

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  • Things I’ve Learned From Intuitive Readings

    Things I’ve Learned From Intuitive Readings

    I’ve had my fair share of readings as the sitter and as the reader. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from both sides of the communication: Be open.If you keep an open mind about the reading, you might just be surprised about what you receive. If your energy is closed off, this can affect reading. […]

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