Brooke Clay, Intuitive Lightworker


Hello, my name is Brooke Clay and I’m an intuitive lightworker.

My purpose is to connect you with your guides and loved ones in spirit to offer insight, advice and affirmations to lead a balanced life.

My vision of the future is a world where people understand that they are not alone. A world where people know they receive guidance from Spirit, and use their intuition to identify how Spirit communicates with them. I envision a future inspired by intuition and an understanding of self and the messages from guides.

My mission is to inspire intuition and gain a better understanding of yourself and your guides’ messages.

Candle and crystals: labradorite, clear quartz, carnelian, and amethyst.

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I can’t stop thinking about the amazing session I had with Brooke. I had been wanting to work with an intuitive for nearly a decade, but for some reason kept stopping myself from doing so. I am so thankful that I overcame my own hurdle and spent time for myself working with Brooke. She was so kind and reassuring, and her incredible talent is evident. Not only was I able to connect with and find closure with some very important loved ones, but I was also able to validate my belief that they and other spirit are around me. I feel as though this was the beginning of a new chapter and truly a spiritual awakening for me. It was cathartic and energizing at the same time. I couldn’t be more grateful to Brooke for sharing her talent with us, and can’t wait to book another session with her. if you’ve always wondered, and for some reason need the kick to let yourself be open to discovering the other side, let this be your sign.

Brooke is truly a gift. She was spot on with the information she was giving. I love her approach to getting signs and messages from spirit. She’s very thoughtful and caring as well as precise. She is a blessing to all.

In 2020 I moved back to Michigan from Atlanta, GA. I lost an incredibly important package in that time and thought I would never see it again. After one session with, Brooke, that all changed. She used her gift to locate my package! I was (and still am) floored. So happy and thankful. Brooke was able to help me. Highly recommend!

Interview with Fox 47 News

Interview with Fox 47 News

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