You Have a Very Large Etheric Field!

I never thought I’d say those words.

Recently, I had a reading with a client whose mother passed away. The mother provided me with a ton of information to share with her daughter in meditation before the reading, and during the reading itself. In fact, she gave so much info during the meditation, that I felt like I needed to stop and get a pen & paper and start writing it all down or I was going to forget!

The night after the reading, the mother visited me again in a dream. As with many dreams, I did not remember what she said. So I did another meditation and invited her back to relay any additional messages she had for her daughter. 

In the meditation, she showed me a very large glowing body of light surrounding her daughter. It extended out from her body at least two feet. I remember thinking: “Wow, that’s really big!” As if on cue, she also showed me the interference this energy can cause. She showed me the TV turning off, flickering lights. She showed me her daughter playing with the light switch in the bathroom and looking up at the exhaust fan as if it wasn’t working. She even showed the energy field can cause electrical problems with her car!

So I asked the mother, “What can she do about this?” The mother showed me that envisioning the energy passing through her body, from above her through the top of her head, all the way down through her feet and into the ground should help this issues subside. I thanked the mother for the additional information and told her I’d be sure to pass it on. 

I relay the information to her daughter over the phone. I explain what she showed me and how she can alleviate some of these problems. Then I asked her if she was having any of these issues. Her response to me was not in the car, but in the home the lights will flicker, the TV will act up, and that she constantly blows a fuse in the bathroom. Sometimes, she’s drying her hair in the dark!

I will need to check-in with her to see if the visualization has helped any of these things subside.

Note: All human bodies have energy fields. Most do not interfere with electronics. This was a unique case where the energy “built up” around her instead of flowing through. I have had something similar happen to me where it felt like my brain was being squeezed and released, like a spasm. It was sudden and startling. I figured out that when I felt those brain squeezing headaches coming, to visualize energy flowing through my body instead of getting stuck at my head. The headaches went away! Please go to the doctor if you have sudden and persistent headaches, especially if you try doing this and they persist, but it did work for me. It happened during a time of “up-leveling” in my spirituality.

I’m fascinated by this phenomenon! Do these things happen to you? What does it mean for you? Leave a reply below!

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